If you are planning a trip to France anytime soon, Paris is probably one of the cities on your list due to its immense popularity and richness is art and tourist sites. There are so many tourist sites and things to see in Paris, so how do you choose which ones to go to?

Paris is known for its deep artwork and vast opportunities to visit art exhibitions. There are a ton of exhibitions in Paris held every year, so it can be hard to narrow down which one to go to and when they are being held. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top eight current and future art exhibitions to go to when visiting Paris in the upcoming months.

Atelier Des Lumières: February 22-December 21, 2019

Credit: www.atelier-lumieres.com

This art exhibition has quickly become one of the top art exhibits to see while in Paris. It is running through most of this year, so it is a lot easier to catch a time to go instead of risking missing it. At this exhibit, art is embraced digitally as enlarged images of some of the most famous art pieces are projected onto the walls of the room. This thus turns them into interactive, moving images with must to go along with it. The main artist being presented in 2019 is Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh transformed painting during his time but unfortunately was not recognized while he was alive. This exhibition seeks to retrace his life and show the artistry behind this once-unknown man’s work. In his life, he painted over 2,000 pictures, and this exhibition is going to display some of the best of these many works.

Exhibition Info: Atelier Des Lumières

Klimt – 26 Special Evenings: October 29-November 2, 2019

Credit: www.atelier-lumieres.com

Between the span of a few days, you can discover the emotional journey through the digital exhibition known as ‘Gustav Klimt.’ This immersive exhibition by the Workshop of Lights goes through over one-hundred years of painting from Vietnam. These paintings take you through a journey of this famous Vietnamese painter and all that he inspired through his art.

Exhibition Info:  Atelier Des Lumières

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Galerie sud-est: Greco

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, Galerie sud-est: Greco

Credit: grandpalais.fr

This year, a few exhibitions are being held at the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais that you do not want to miss, one of which is the Greco. This exhibition is running from October 16, 2019, all the way until February 10, 2020. In this exhibition, you will see art from and learn about the famous Cretan artist Domenico Theotokopoulos, also known as El Greco. As the founder of the Spanish School in the 16th century and artist, the goal of this exhibition is to feature the masters of the Golden Age centering around El Greco.

Exhibition Info:  Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais

Musée D’Orsay

Another museum that has held quite a few exhibitions this year was the Musée D’Orsay. While many of them have already passed, there is still one that is coming up soon that has high recommendations. The exhibition of Yan Pei-Ming, A Burial in Shanghai is occurring between October 1st, 2019 and January 12, 2020. Yan Pei-Ming is an artist who came to France at the age of twenty in 1980. Now, he is considered to be one of the most influential painters of all time in modern-day art.

Exhibition Info:  Musée D’Orsay

Musée D’art Moderne De La Ville De Paris

Hans Hartung

© ADAGP, Paris, 2019 Photo : Fondation Hartung-Bergman

Though this museum is currently closed, it will be open between October 11, 2019 and March 01, 2020 for the Hans Hartung exhibition titles ‘La Fabrique Du Geste’. The Museum of Art has been closed for a while due to renovation, but with this reopening comes the presentation of artwork created by Hans Hartung. As a trailblazer in abstract art, Hartung will be recognized for his amazing work in the 1900s and will display his techniques and innovations used to create his amazing artwork.

Exhibition Info:  Musée D’art Moderne De La Ville De Paris

Centre Georges Pompidou

Credit: centrepompidou.fr

The Centres Georges Pompidou, otherwise known as the Contemporary Art Museum, is holding two more exhibitions this year that are not to be missed. The first exhibition they are holding is surrounding Francis Bacon and is running from September 11, 2019 to January 20, 2020. Francis Bacon made a lot of famous artwork up until the year 1992 when he disappeared. His work is on display at the Contemporary Art Museum for people to see how he rejected idealism in his work. The second exhibition being held at this museum is centered around the Boltanski Retrospective running from November 13, 2019 to March 16, 2020. This exhibition will be looking at some of France’s most famous contemporary artists and how they are able to blur the lines between art and life.

Exhibition Info:  Centre Georges Pompidou

Grand Palais

Credit: grandpalais.fr

The Grand Palais is hosting an art exhibition this year by the name of ‘Toulouse-Lautrec’. This exhibition is going to be open between October 9, 2019 and January 27, 2020. This exhibition is meant to look deeper into the works of Toulouse Lautrec and how he was known for painting the night of Paris beautifully. This show also aims to reject the common ideas of Toulous Lautrec such as his classism, overused night/sex, and disregarded artwork.

Exhibition Info:  Grand Palais

Musée Du Luxembourg


Credit: en.museeduluxembourg.fr

The exhibitions held at the Musée Du Luxembourg always get highly positive reviews, and the one this year is expected to do the same. From September 11, 2019 through February 16, 2020, the Musée Du Luxembourg is holding an exhibition for ‘The Golden Age of English Painting: From Reynolds to Turner’. This exhibition is meant to highlight a very important time in English art history. This period ranges from the 1760s all the way until 1820 and captures an array of originality and diversity through art. It will take you through time from the original Royal Academy founders Reynolds and Gainsborough all the way until the 19th-century wit artists such as Turner. British art is not commonly displayed in France, so this is a chance to rediscover British art. 

Exhibition Info:  Musée Du Luxembourg

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