Internet has come into our lives and stay there. The network of networks has not only revolutionized the way we communicate, but it has also provided us with a huge amount of information at the click of a button.

That is why, as personal users or professionals, we cannot ignore the ability of social networks to stay in touch with our field of knowledge and with other mental health professionals.

The TOP TENs of Italian Psychologists on Twitter (by Dr. Floriana De Michele)

The 10 most followed psychologists on twitter are listed in this post. The measure is based on the number of followers updated to October 2019. In this whimsical and extravagant initiative we have only taken into consideration freelancer psychologists, excluding associations and organizations, limiting in other words to psychologists and excluding those who practice psychotherapy without having achieved a degree in psychology (such as those psychiatrists or doctors who, although they do not specialize in psychotherapy, they practice it we do not know with what capacity. Sob! ).

Therefore we considered only psychologists enrolled in the professional listings, who may possibly have the further specialization in psychotherapy. We also reported the social authority, which is the measure that twitter uses to measure the degree of influence.

The metric of the Social Authority

The Social Authority is a metric of the influence of each twitter user, and measures successful content on twitter. A user with a high social authority value is a “special” user. Generally the number of followers and social authority values are correlated, but it can happen that a user with a large number of followers has less social authority as it is a less influencer one. Influencer is that user who manages to have a high degree of engagement (that is, manages to keep the attention of others users). So we can say that the social authority measures in some way the content expressed by that person or that account and how this content is created and how it spread resonance to its audience. This is what it means to be an influencer.

We apologize in advance

The list should be all-inclusive, but if we have forgotten someone, please report it in the comments section, and you will be added to the list as soon as possible.
Obviously this is a list that can change over time, as accounts are subject to changes in the number of followers.

This is not only a simple list, as for each of them we also conducted a small survey to find out who they are, what initiatives they carry out and even if everything that glitters is gold (you know that followers can also be bought!). This initiative has taken over the one conducted by the Research Digest site in 2014, although they
have been considered only Italian psychologist’s accounts.

Here is the ranking:

1) Barbara Collevecchio @ Colvieux. 30.4K Followers. 79 Social Authority. She is a Psychologist enrolled in the Emilia Romagna region, with interests in political psychology. She is the author of several books including “Il male che cura”. She has been writing since 2014 for Very active on social media, perhaps she is lacking a little engagement.

2) Vittorio Gabriele DiMaio @LoPsihologo 13.4K Followers. 77 Social Authority. He is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist registered in Tuscany Psychologist Association. He is active in the engagement, a little less in twitting. On his site he offers psychological counseling via Skype, and above all coaching. He defines himself as a social media strategist, but his followers don’t all seem real to us.

3) Simona Vitale @SimonaCoach 11.9K Followers. 18 Social Authority. She is a coach and not a psychologist! We put her on the list as sympathy in that she defines herself as a Gestalt psychologist who works as a counselor who “helps women get more by doing less.” We are used to thinking that it is the man in search of women, but in this case we discover a very different reality. She has written several books that she sponsors on her facebook page and on her website: we cite the book “Stop kissing frogs!” Book addressed to women looking for the real man.

4) Floriana De Michele @FlorianaDemiche 5052 Followers. 61 Social Authority. She is a Psychologist and a Psychotherapist enrolled in the Abruzzo region. She works as a psychoanalyst in the Avezzano Studio, also works at the L’Aquila Mental Health Center, at the Pescina Hospice, at the Family Advisory Office of Civitella Roveto’s municipality. She also worked at the Sulmona Prison as a psychologist. She has been the author of many scientific articles. She appears to be very active on twitter, she is an influencer and has high values of engagement and twitting. She owns a website with a very interesting Blog.

5) Patrick Bini @BiniPatrick 4530 Followers. 11 Social Authority. He is Psychologist and Psychotherapist registered in the region of Tuscany, even if he carries out his activity in Perugia. He practices brief strategic psychotherapy. Low or almost zero his activity and engagement on twitter.

6) Luca Mazzucchelli @psicologomilano 3929 Followers. 52 Social Authority. He is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in the Lombardy region. He is much more famous for his Youtube channel with 66,000 members. He is also Director of the magazine “Psicologia Contemporanea”, he is also the editorial consultant of Giunti, and is present not only on the web but also in some television programs. In recent years he has been particularly active in corporate coaching.

7) Ilaria Albano @IlariaAlbano 3119 Followers. Social Authority 50. She is a psychologist with training in neuroscience. She also practices training for professionals in online science communication. She has a good Social Authority value even if she uses the twitter channel only to publish posts and videos, maintaining a low engagement value with other users.

8) Doriana Tripodi @TripodiDoriana 3099 Followers. Social Authority 43. She is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in the Calabria Region. She graduated in Padua but preferred to return to Calabria where she practices the cognitive-behavioral psychotherapeutic approach.

9) Francesca Niccheri @FranciNiccheri 2985 Followers. Social Authority 64. She is a Psychotherapist and Psychologist enrolled in the Tuscany Region. She is particularly concerned with depression and PTSD problems. Her social authority scores and engagement rates are really high and surprised us. She is a true twitter addict! Congratulations!

10) Nicola Piccinnini @NicolaPiccinini 2920 Followers. Social Authority 44. He is a Psychologist registered in the Lazio Region. He is the President of the Lazio Psychological Order Association. He is a Social Psychologist, an Internet Marketing Consultant and Social Media strategist. Professor. Blogger. Business owner.

Have we forgotten maybe someone?

Good ! That’s all for the TOP Ten of Italian psychologists. There are well-known names on the list, but also many new names. Have we forgotten any interesting profiles? This however is our list of Twitter profiles that you should follow if you are a psychologist or a student. Though well thought out, we may have forgotten an account that deserves to appear in the rankings. No problem! If you believe we need to include a Twitter account, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section. If we consider it an interesting account, we will add it to the list.

This research was conducted by Dr. Floriana De Michele, psychotherapist psychologist, Avezzano

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