Are you looking to shed some of your extra fat, but don’t know how? Have you tried other methods of losing weight, and none of them worked? Losing weight can be hard, especially finding the right way to lose weight that works for you.

That is why we turned to weight loss apps. Weight loss apps are not only super convenient, but they are also very helpful as most of them allow you to monitor your weight loss and become a way of your habits and how you have progressed. This can be very motivating to those looking to lose weight as all of their information and progress is right in front of them.

Here are the top 9 weight loss apps that can help you lose that unwanted fat today.

Lose It! – Calorie Counting and Weight Tracking (iOS / Android)

Lose It! – Calorie Counting and Weight Tracking - Logo

Lose It! is a very user-friendly app that allows you to reach your calorie needs and receive a personalized weight loss plan. Lose It! Is primarily focused on tracking the number of calories your intake and coming up with ways for you to lose weight while tracking your progress all of the way. You can log your food intake directly into the app and get weekly reports of your intake and your weight progress. One of the best perks of this app is the ‘Snap It’ tool which allows you to simple snap a picture of your food to add it to your log. Handy, right?

SparkPeople – Meals, Weight, and Exercise (iOS / Android)

SparkPeople – Meals, Weight, and Exercise - Logo

SparkPeople is a weight loss app that focuses on tracking your meals, losing weight, and exercising. In SparkPeople, there is a database that contains over three-million food items. It also has a barcode scanner allowing it to track your mood in a much more convenient way. By using SparkPeople, you have access to different exercising demos that can help you during your workouts. SparkPeople also works off of a points system that provides you with the personal motivation you need to reach your goals.

Weight Watchers – Healthy Food Intake (iOS / Android)

Weight Watchers – Healthy Food Intake - Logo

Weight Watchers is a pretty well-known weight loss app as many celebrities and famous people have used it. Weight watchers works by helping you to lower your calorie intake through a points system. Each food is given a certain amount of points and you, the user, are designated a points goal to reach for the day. Many people have lost weight through this method, and it may work for you as well.

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counting (iOS / Android)

MyFitnessPal – Calorie Counting

The main strategy of MyFitnessPal is to help you lose weight by tracking calories. This app calculates the calories you need for a day and features a logging system that allows you to keep track of what you eat. The database contains over five-million different foods for you to choose from, and some features even include restaurants to track. It will breakdown the number of calories you ate that day and will provide you with a full report of fat, carb, and protein consumption. You can also find recipes on MyFitnessPlan that can be extremely helpful.

FatSecret – Emotional Support (iOS / Android)

FatSecret – Emotional Support - Logo

Sometimes, the trick to losing weight is through the support that you receive. FatSecret believes that with the proper support system, anyone can lose weight. You are not only able to lose your food consumption and monitor your weight, but you are also able to interact with other people in the same situation as you through the community chat feature. You can create or join groups to meet people with similar goals or just chat with people at random. This support group can provide a lot of you with the motivation you need to lose weight, so why not give it a shot?

Cron-O-Meter – Nutrition, Fitness, and Health (iOS / Android)

Cron-O-Meter – Nutrition, Fitness, and Health - Logo

Cron-O-Meter allows you to track your nutrition, measure your fitness, and receive health data. It, like many of the other apps, has a calorie-counting feature that contains over 50,000 foods. It allows you to track over sixty different nutrients to make sure that you are meeting all of your needs while also displaying your weight goals and progress over time. There is also a really helpful ‘snapshot’ section that allows you to take pictures of yourself and download them into the app to see your progress visually.

Fooducate – Grocery Shopping Assistance (iOS / Android)

Fooducate – Grocery Shopping Assistance - Logo
Credit: fooducate.coom

Eating healthy and grocery shopping that get really overwhelming. There is so much to consider and it is hard to keep track of it all. Fooducate is a weight loss app that is meant to help you find what you need while grocery shopping. It has a nutrition scanner that gives you access to scan a food item and get all of the details on it. It also notifies you of any unhealthy ingredients in that food item and provides you with healthier alternatives.

HealthyOut – Eating Out (iOS / Android)

HealthyOut – Eating Out - Logo

Eating out can be hard to do on a diet or meal-plan. When eating out, the portions are much bigger, and the calories are much higher. If you can’t avoid eating out, HealthyOut is a helpful app that provides a list of healthy dishes at restaurants that you can eat to stay healthy and on track.

FitBit – 24/7 Tracking (iOS / Android)

FitBit – 24/7 Tracking - Logo

If all else fails, you can always purchase a FitBit. A FitBit is a personal weight loss and activity tracker in the form of a watch. It connects to the app on your phone to provide you with the activities you did throughout the day, the calories you burned, and much more.

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