Best Damascus Knife Blades Blanks Of 2022 Top 10 Bestsellers

Blogs and online stores provide a multitude of benefits that make your buying process and product selection much easier. 

When you are attempting to purchase the best damascus knife blades blanks product, you need to understand the factors of consideration when shopping and making purchases.

10 Best damascus knife blades blanks Guide Reviews In 2022

1. vk4056 Handmade Damascus Skinner Knife blank blade skinning knife fixed blade Hunting knife camping knife 08 Inches Overall

Product Features

  • OVER ALL LENGTH = 08 Inches . HANDLE LENGTH =04.00 Inches . BLADE LENGTH = 04.00 Inches . BLADE THICKNESS = 4 mm
  • Solid Built , Durable , Full Tang , Handmade , Forged Damascus Steel (1095 / 4340)
  • Sharp and Hard Cutting Edge .Quality Finished , Perfect Grip , Balanced Knife

2. ColdLand Knives Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Full Tang Blank Blade for Knife Making Supplies SB39

Product Features

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This is our stock photo. You will receive different pattern as every Damascus Blade is unique in the world. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or fully refunded.
  • Awesome Professional Quality. Will long last for several years (lifetime if handled with care). Hardness: 58-60 HRC on Rockwell Scale. Long lasting sharp edge: ideal for real hunt experience.
  • Hand forged by using 1095 & 15N20 steels. Over 200 true layers of Damascus steel.
  • Buy only from LEATHER-N-DAGGER store on Amazon. This item's Brand: ColdLand Knives
  • IMPORTANT: Please read full product description below before purchasing.

3. onlyhandmade Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife Blank Blade Fire Storm Pattern 9.5 Inches, Knife Making Supplies (Damascus)

Product Features

  • Take advantage of our lowest introductory price for this product. Price may increase anytime in near future.
  • A SUPER DURABLE BLADE BUILT TO LAST: Will long last for several years (lifetime if handled with care). Solidly built for tough use such as hunting, camping, other outdoor sports, bush craft activities and tracking! Long lasting sharp edge: ideal for real hunt experience. Hand forged by using 1095 & 15N20 steels. Over 512+ true layers of Damascus steel. Good Quality. Hardness: 58-60 HRC on Rockwell Scale.
  • NOTE: This is our stock photo. You will receive different Damascus pattern as every Damascus Blade is unique in the world. Leather sheath and scale colors may be different too. 100% satisfaction guaranteed or fully refunded.
  • EASY TO MAKE A KNIFE: Select a blank blade from our wide range of designs and make a unique and awesome knife from basic hand tools (No need to buy expensive tools). BRAND: BlankBlades (Buy at highly discounted rates exclusively here on our Amazon store).
  • We also accept WHOLESALE ORDERS. Please read below for PRODUCT DESCRIPTION before purchasing.

4. Knife Making, Damascus Steel Blank Blade 8.25 inches Long Hand Forged Skinning Knife with 3 Pin Hole & an Inserting Hole Space 4 inches Cutting Edge

Product Features

  • Blade is made of Hand forged Damascus steel by forging the 1095 and 15N20 high and low carbon steel
  • Overall 8 inches Long hand forged full tang Damascus steel blank blade
  • 4 inches long cutting edge. Up to standard skinning and Hunting Knife
  • 5.5" long Scale space with 3 Pin and an inserting holes for extra strength of scale.
  • Approximately 4 mm Thick Twist pattern Damascus steel clip point blade. Our Damascus steel is prepared by forging over 465 layer of high carbon and low carbon steel.

5. EJOY OUTDOORS Damascus Hunting Knife | Hand Forged Steel Blank Blade | 7.1" Handmade Camping Knife Making Supplies | HUNT 02

Product Features

  • 【 Genuine Damascus Steel Blade】: Damascus steel knife blade blanks are characterized by hardness and a watered, streaked appearance caused by the varying carbon levels of the original material. Knife blanks for knife making can be used as a survival hunting knives, fishing and camping knife.
  • 【Dimensions】: Total Length: 7.1"" (approx.) | Blade Length: 3.43"" (approx.) | Handle length: 3.38"" (approx.) | Thickness: 0.14 inch (approx.) *For other sizes and styles visit our store*
  • 【 Hunting Knife】: Try Damascus hunting knife from variety of our quality blank blades and say goodbye to rusty dull knives. This camping damascus blade blanks full tang has razor-sharp blade. It's used for wood cutting, predator hunting and all can be done smoothly in a quick hand move. It can also be used as kitchen knife set.
  • 【 Compact Size】: Damascus steel pocket knife has high-quality and is portable. This damascus knife blank can be used in camping, fishing, outdoor sports, bush craft activities and tracking.
  • 【 Sharpness】: Damascus knife blanks are very sharp. However, our stainless damascus knife can be sharped more according to desired level. Sharp edge of long lasting skinning damascus deer knife would be ideal for real hunt experience and easily used as pocket knife.

6. Knife Blanks DM2719 7" Overall Damascus Drop Point Hunter Knife Blade

Product Features

7. DBD-05, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Billet Knife / Blank Blade Making Bar

Product Features

  • Damascus Steel Billet
  • That particular piece is annealed , so you can achieve your required results
  • Best Quality Guarnteed
  • ACID ETHED stunning Pattern
  • High Carbon Damascus STEEL

8. ColdLand |7.50" Hand Forged Damascus Steel Blank Blade for Skinner Knife Making Supplies NB26

Product Features

  • You have a knife project and you are looking for a blank blade? Look no further, we have made a hand forged Damascus blank blade for you.
  • Solidly built for tough use. Long lasting sharp edge. Hand forged by using 1095 & 15N20 steels. Over 260 true layers of Damascus steel. Heat treated. Hardness: 58-60 HRC on Rockwell Scale. Will long last for several years (lifetime if handled with care).
  • NOTE: This is our stock photo. You will receive different Damascus pattern as every Damascus Blade is unique in the world. The holes in the handle can be small or big in diameter and can be found at different places on the handle (you don’t need to use all holes to make a knife). TIP: If your pins are bigger than handle holes, you can rub pins with sandpaper to adjust according to handle holes.
  • DIMENSION: See photos for Dimensions. We don’t provide any directions on how to make a knife. You can search on the web i.e., “how to make a knife from a blank blade”.
  • We recommend to dry your new leather sheath under direct sunlight for several hours before putting your knife in it as leather contains moisture and can rust your knife. Wash your knife and apply a thin layer of oil on your blade/knife after each use. For long term storage; store your knife and sheath separately. Please message us if you have any issue with your purchase.

9. Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Blank Blade for Knife Making

Product Features

  • This Buck n Bear blade blank features a high quality damascus blade with a full-tang fixed blade design.
  • It has a 4" blade with a sharpened edge, and an 8.75" length overall.
  • The spine of the handle and blade feature a beautiful filework design.
  • Simply add your own handle scales and customize it to your personal tastes.

10. Damascus Knife Making Knives Blank Blade Billet Bar Blade Steel Layers Raindrop

Product Features

  • Damascus Raindrop Billet for Making Knife Blades
  • Dimensions: 9.5 inches Approximate Overall Length, 1 3/4 inches Approximate Width, Approximately 4mm Thick (1/8 inch)
  • High Quality Damascus Construction: 1095 High Carbon and 15n20 nickel (Over 200 Layers)
  • Raindrop Damascus Pattern
  • We also sell handle material and beautiful mosaic pins to attach your handles with! Check out the other items in our store!

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying The Best damascus knife blades blanks Guide

Research is crucial to any successful purchase. Knowing this, there are several factors that come into play before learning more about damascus knife blades blanks.

Before you even bother to look at a website for purchasing options of a particular brand of damascus knife blades blanks, the site itself must have good authenticity.

According to data consolidated by digital marketing agencies, it has been proven that the most significant buying factor for any damascus knife blades blanks includes clearly stating the pricing and shipping information. However, in addition to this, you need to account for other variables, such as:

  • The style of the site is visually appealing, appearing trustworthy and credible
  • Products are visible on the home page
  • You can access a total cost calculator for tax, shipping, and other added expenses
  • Search functionality is present
  • There is a sufficient body of customer reviews
  • Live chat is available to talk directly to the business
  • Social media marketing is present

In terms of the product itself, after you have gone through the checklist of what makes a quality online store, below are the important considerations you need to make:

Best Prices

There are tons of reliable online sources that let you compare prices and discover the best deals. Many platforms collaborate directly with manufacturers to list the best deals. What’s more, they go out of their way to include occasional discounts and coupons. 

It’s becoming increasingly common to find websites that have price-matching functionality. This means that they automatically match the price of competing stores to give you a fair, no-holds-barred deal.

Reliability and Functionality

Delivery and transaction processes must be reliable for you in order to trust the quality of an online marketplace. Fortunately, nearly every business worth its salt has made this process as smooth as possible.

For example, represents the largest online shopping mall with long-standing expertise in customer service and trust. In addition, they offer subscription services like Prime in order to reduce your spending on individual products and support bulk purchases.

Reliability extends to the functionality of the site itself. This means that it loads quickly, works on various sized screens, and includes mobile-friendly menus and buttons that are evenly spaced out to ensure ease of navigation. 

Whenever you are browsing a site, you should not be lost or get stuck on a broken page that fails to link anywhere. The entire site should be navigable with no issues or glitches on any device you may be using.

Pop-ups should be avoided as much as possible, as they are often spam. However, in certain circumstances, a site may display an internal pop-up to offer you as an exit gift. This means that when you attempt to leave the site, you’ll be presented with a coupon code or major discount on a new purchase.

Expanded Selection

Perhaps the best part about online platforms for shopping is the fact that they provide you with the widest variety of options.

Stores allow you to refine your search in categories the same way you would have to walk across a store to browse a different department.

Let’s say you pay a visit to Simply search best damascus knife blades blanks, and you’ll find various product options in the form of specs, prices, and brands. Next, you’ll be able to browse the options from the comfort of your own bedroom and save lots of time.

All you have to do then is pick the product that fits the right need from your preferred seller. 


Many online sites include customer reviews for products displayed. With this feature, you’ll be able to know which products are authentic and which sellers are authorized. 

Other benefits of online shopping include the record of purchase and ease of return. Online stores constantly make improvements to the shopping experience to remove any hassle from purchasing.

Product pages must provide every single detail about what is being sold and remove any unanswered questions in your eyes. 

Sites that offer information-rich pages containing specifications, large images, and product descriptions to provide you with anything you may want to know are a good sign of credibility. You should also find a way to ask questions about the product and post your answers directly on the product page.


There is an added angle of cybersecurity when it comes to online shopping. Prior to purchasing anything online, you’ll need to ensure that your financial information is safe with the company you plan to buy from. If you do not feel safe with a website, there’s no way you’ll buy.

Check to ensure that the website has made the switch to HTTPS and has installed a dedicated SSL certificate. It ensures that the in-transit communications between the client and server are properly encrypted. 

If you have the option to create an account that stores your pending orders, past purchases, and credit card information, the site should provide two-factor authentication. This engenders a sense of security.

How To Select The Best damascus knife blades blanks | Thunderclap Product Reviews Guide

It’s always hard to pick a favorite product and come down to a final decision. However, there are several suggestions to simplify the selection process.

Before this, it’s recommended that you opt for sites like Best Buy, Online, Newegg, and Walmart for your purchase. Several of the factors you should take into account for your best damascus knife blades blanks should be:


Narrow down your shortlisted options, then compare prices and be on the lookout for discounts. 

Do not fail to factor in any costs related to shipping as well. You shouldn’t be forced to spend your money on a particular thing when the price heavily exceeds competitors, and this same idea translates to shipping. 

The best situation is when there is no expense to shipping, but if it is bundled with the product in a reasonable way, it’s worth investing in.

Once you pick your best deal, you can opt for the right damascus knife blades blanks to suit your needs.


You should invest in brands you trust first, but do not be afraid to extend your browsing beyond household names. Over the past decade, many new small businesses have created online reputations for themselves that even exceed those brands you may be familiar with. What’s more, they may offer better prices.


Outside of pure novelty, the product must function properly. Check the correct specifications, and consider purchasing the product with the greatest longevity. Understanding the best damascus knife blades blanks specs and functionality help to determine its use.

Using YouTube as a way to verify the proper use case and get a real person’s opinion of the product is extremely beneficial.

Customer Reviews

Numerous studies have proven that reviews and ratings encompass much of the bread and butter of consumer trust. This is why you should only consider products that have a sufficient body of verified feedback. 

It reduces your risk of making a bad purchase. Even if a product has bad reviews, this experience can add to its authenticity, so you truly know what you’re getting.

Reviews also impact the search ranking of a product because they use a wide variety of relevant phrases that do not simply rely on descriptions for your damascus knife blades blanks. Testimonials should be carefully poured through when making purchases online.

Refund Policy

You, as a customer, need to be certain that if something you pay for fails to meet expectations, you should return it and receive a refund. This is why every site you plan to buy from should have a clearly stated refund and return policy that clearly outlines how they are handled and entertained. 

This policy must always be written in a way that is easy to understand as well as accessible from all product pages. If it isn’t, there is a solid chance that people won’t want to buy because they will struggle to ask questions.

Online Customer Service

With all the competition out there, any site that does not offer dedicated customer service in which you can communicate with real people is suspicious. 

Proper live chat service allows a store to outreach with you in the best way possible. Using these tools, you can ask questions related to products and the brand, all in real-time.


Each of the above-mentioned factors contributes to the best damascus knife blades blanks to meet your needs as well as expectations. Always try to use your time efficiently.

That’s everything you need to know for the ultimate damascus knife blades blanks purchasing guide. Make your purchase a confident one with the right information. Happy shopping.

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